Broward County Summer League

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May  thru October

Thursdays - 8:30 AM

LPGA Amateurs 

2023 Team 

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Welcome to the LPGA Amateurs 

2023 Team Season!

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LPGA Amateurs 

2023 Schedule

BSL 2023 Team Standings

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BSL - LPGA Amateurs Schedule 2022
BSL - Team Standings - 2023

LPGA Amateurs Player Sign-Ups

May 4th  -  Opening Day
Player Sign-Up Sheet

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If you need to cancel, please be sure to either email Hilene @ or text @ 305-206-2003 no later than end of the day on the Friday prior to the match.   

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BSL - Player Sheet 2023

LPGA Amateurs - Results 2023

BSL - LPGA Match Results

LPGA Amateurs - Ringers 2023

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