Broward Winter League
Ladies Singles Match Play Golf League
Playing Every Tuesday at Plantation Preserve Golf Club
November 14th through April 9th

12:30 PM Shotgun

All Skill Levels Welcome!

With a Verifiable Active Handicap
Basic Knowledge of the Rules of Golf
Ability to Play on Pace

Volunteer Captains

Liz Porter    Linda Davis     Rona Rosenblatt     Ceil Karafky     Hilene Bilchik

Who We Are, What We Do ...

The Broward Winter League was created in 2014 to learn, practice and play match play.  Many players have come into our league without any knowledge of how to play this game, and we are happy to teach them and learn together the skills, rules, strategy and etiquette of match play. We also have many veterans of the game who share their knowledge and experience while working on their own match play skills. We are a competitive league while remaining friendly and supportive of one another.  After a season or two, most of our players then play match play on any level with confidence - local, regional and national events.

Information You Need To Know ...

Notifications:  We close our sign ups on Monday at 12:00 noon and start the pairing process. Our deadline to cancel is Monday at 12:00 noon. If you are unsure if you can play, please sign up as an alternate.  A player list will be posted on this website and emailed to the players on Saturday evening giving players time to sign up or to cancel before the Monday 12:00pm deadline. Plantation Preserve reserves our spots for our shotgun start and late cancelations create lost revenue for our host course.  New this season, late cancellations and no shows after Monday 12:00 noon may carry a cancellation fee. There are no refunds for cancellations and/or no shows.  Captain discretion applies.

Posting Scores: We require all players to have a verifiable handicap in a handicap system such as GHIN.  The USGA requires that match play scores are posted. See section 4-1 of the USGA Handicap System.  Our player policy requires that players must post their scores timely after the match and our handicap captain will verify that all scores are posted for all players each week. Players who do not post their scores before the cut off may not be able to play in the next match or until their scores are properly posted. Our league observes the USGA Rules that governs match play. 

Players Responsibilities: Our league supports all handicaps and skill levels. Players are paired with match opponents who are closest in handicap and have not played each other. Foursomes are always a mix of handicaps so everyone plays with everyone. Player's must sign up and cancel on time as well as notify us if they will arrive late to the course or not at all.  We require all players must have a basic knowledge of the rules of golf and respect those rules during league play. Waiving the rules will result in both players being disqualified from that match. Players must be able to play on pace, keeping up with the group in front at all times. Players must show respect to each other and to the entire staff of Plantation Preserve Golf Club at all times.

Please review: Important Rules, Regulations and Policies below.

Important Rules, Regulations and Policies

Local Rules
and Policies

Local Rules and Policies

Preferred Lies- Lift, clean and place within one scorecard length in your own fairway.

Local Rule E-5 - Is in effect for all league matches (option to drop where ball crossed out of bounds in fairway with additional penalty).

We want our money's worth so we continue to play all 18 holes after our matches are decided, unless both players agree to discontinue playing following completion of their match.  However, please yield tees (tee off last) and greens (putt last - even when away to avoid showing the line unfairly) to the match still in progress until it is also decided. The USGA and our league require that match play scores are posted.

Captain Rulings: Learning how to address rules discussions that may happen with an opponent in match play is also a golf skill and should be practiced as all other golf skills are practiced. There is no need for contention because it is not required or necessary for the players to come to an agreement on a rule to continue play. If the two players cannot come to an agreement quickly, the player should play the shot as she believes it to be correct. She does not require "permission" from her opponent. If her opponent disagrees with how the shot was played, the opponent would then "Request a Ruling" before teeing off on the next hole, or before leaving the green if it is their 18th hole. Players should note the card on that hole with an astric, maybe make a couple of short notes or take a quick photo, and then continue play without delay. After the match is complete, regardless of the outcome of the match, the two players must go to the captains for a ruling. The captains ruling is final.  Request for Rulings should not be viewed as a competition between players because the rules are facts and not subjective. A request for ruling is a teaching and learning opportunity. It is how we all grow and learn not only how to handle a dispute but also a new rule. 

Match Play
and Pace of Play Tips

Happy golfers are golfers playing in the four hour time range and not waiting on the group in front of them!

Remember that we have 30 to 40 players to get around the course. The best pace and position is one to two shots behind the group in front of you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we play the matches?

All Winter League matches will be held at Plantation Preserve Golf Club.

When will we play the matches?

We will play our matches every Tuesday 1:00 Shotgun.  November through March. 

How much does it cost to play?

Please see our price listing on the "Player Sign Up" page of this website.

Other costs ?

There is a one time $30 per player membership fee to be paid in cash at your first match. This fee pays for our prizes, trophies, tips and end of season gifts and party. We offer a free trial match for new players to try out our league.  If you like it, you can pay your league fee when playing your 2nd match.  There will also be an optional throw in game of $5 for the winners on that day's match. The 19th Hole will be open for us for drinks only. No food, so bring your own snacks.

How do I sign up to play in a match?

Sign up deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm noon. We will send a reminder by email to sign up for the next match on Tuesday evening each week and a final reminder on Saturday. No early registrations can be accepted.  You must sign up on the website and no later than Monday at noon before the match.  If you sign up after, you may be placed on a wait list or alternate list.

Do you have a maximum handicap limit?

No. Players are only required to have a verifiable handicap index to enter the league. Broward Winter League will observe a league handicap calculated by scores posted in our league.

As with Broward Summer League, scores from all Broward Winter League matches must be posted.  If a player does not finish a hole, per USGA rules, she will record the score that she most likely would have had. Our handicap committee will verify that all scores are posted before the next match. Players with unposted scores are not eligible to participate until their scoring record is complete and has been updated in their handicap system.  

How do I win points?

Scoring is done in traditional match play.  1.00 for win, .50 for ties, 0 for loss, plus .01 point for each hole won regardless of the result of the match, players will retain all points and holes won for the season.

Do I have to play all the matches?

No, although we hope you will want to. Because points are earned on an individual basis you will only accumulate points when you play. If you don’t play you will not earn any points.

What is the Gross Division?

The player with the most points at the end of the matches will be declared the winner of the league. The player with the 2nd highest total points will be the runner up.

What is the Percentage Division?

The Percentage Division will allow those players who don't play every match to compete for highest percentage of points won vs points played. You must play 12 or more matches out of the 20 scheduled matches to qualify for the percentage division. There will be a winner and a runner up in this division as well.

What will we win?

Besides glory ! There will be trophies for the winners and runners up for both divisions, in addition to prizes. There will also be special prizes for special events and holes in one.   

Important  Information

Posting Scores: The USGA requires that match play scores are posted. See section 4-1 of the USGA Handicap System.  Our player policy also requires that players must post their scores timely after the match.  Enter the score you most likely would have received had you completed the hole if you pick up- not to exceed your handicap limit.  Players who don't post their scores timely may not be able to play in future matches until their scores are posted. We are playing USGA Rules.  If you're unsure about an action your opponent is taking, let her know that you're not sure that was correct and you're filing a claim. We will be allowed to lift clean and place in the fairway, length of a scorecard. 

Rain Policy-  If we call the matches off for rain, we will send an email and/or text so please check your email/text frequently. If you do not receive an email/text proceed to the course. Please remember, our league is growing and the only way we can efficiently and quickly communicate with all players is by email/text. 

No Shows:  Plantation Preserve is extending a courtesy of reserved holes shotgun especially for our league.  This means that they do not sell these tee times to the public, but instead reserve them specifically for us.  If we have players who “no show” we will not fill our obligations to the course, and this could jeopardize our league accommodations. If you have made a commitment to play please fulfill that commitment.

Quitting a Match- Though we promote fun and friendly matches, we are still a competition league.  If you quit during a match, your opponent will win the forfeited point. If the remaining player is in the $5 game, her $5 will be refunded.  If the player who quits is in the $5 game, then her $5 will be awarded to the remaining player as well.  The remaining player will not receive addition won hole, which determines our league winners in the case of a tie.  Please, unless you have an emergency or an injury, continue to play until the match is decided ! 

Match Play Rules