Player's Information
League Sign Up Sheet

November 14  through  April 9
12:30pm Shotgun
Plantation Preserve Golf Club 

Sign Up Sheet Open Each Week:  
Wednesday 12:00pm through Monday 12:00pm
Deadline to Cancel: Monday 12:00pm

Contact Us

Before Game Day: 
By Email

If you are on the player list
and you shouldn't be,
if you are not on the player list
and should be.
If you need to cancel after signing up.

On Game Day:
Call or Text Captains  (954) 998-4005

If you will arrive late after 12:15pm
or not arrive at all.

It is highly recommended that players add the League Phone
(954) 998-4005
to their phone contact list.

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BWL - Player List 2023-24

Broward Women's Golf Calendar

14 Match 1 (Opening)21 Match 228 Match 3
05 Match 412 Match 519 Match 626 Match 7
02 Match 809 Match 916 Match 1023 Match 1130 Match 12
06 Match 1313 Match 1420 Match 1527 Match 16
05 Match 1712 Match 1819 Match 1926 Match 20
02 Match 2109 Match 22 (Closing)
05 Broward Am - Day 106 Broward Am - Day 2

Course Costs and Fees
Includes Range Ball Token

Players must register before signing up to play. 
Our league one-time fee is $30 again this year.

Bag Staff Prepayment Tips
New this year, bag staff tips of $2 per person per week will be included in player's payment .

Optional Throw in Game
The $5 game will be paid in the sign up process and winners will be paid with electronic funds.
The captains will no longer collect cash before the matches.

Total Total Including $5 Game

Premier Card$70 less $7 plus tax $4.41 plus bag tips $2 $69.41 $74.41
No Premier Card$70 plus tax $4.90 plus bag tips $2      $76.90 $81.90
Preserve Members$26 tax included plus bag tips $2      $28.00 $33.00

Important Player Information

Player's Payments Now Made Through League:
The league will now collect the players payments and submit one payment to the golf course. Why? We agreed to shoulder more of the work to keep our players costs from increasing and losing our range tokens, saving $10 per player per week. And no more long lines waiting in the Pro Shop to pay!

Players Registration League Fee:
Our league fee pays for prizes, awards, end of year party and league expenses.  A one time league registration fee of $30 will be paid by returning players during registrationNew players to our league are welcome to play as our guests for their first trial match. The league fee will be paid on the second match. 

Bag Staff Tips:
The league will now collect bag staff tips each week with the player's payments. Cost $2 per player per week. Why? Prepayment tipping insures all players contribute equally to bag staff who do a great job for us and are working mostly for tips. Of course, if players customarily tip more than $2, we encouraged them to continue to tip the additional amount in cash. 

Optional Throw In Game:
The league will now collect the $5 optional game each week with the players payments. Why? So we can streamline the captains work on league day allowing them to warm up, eliminate cash collections and pay out the pots by Zelle or Venmo. Cash will no longer be collected or paid out.

Rain Policy:
If the captains or course call the matches off for rain, we will send an email or a text. Please check these frequently. If you do not receive any communication, no news is good news, and you should proceed to the course. South Florida's weather is very unpredictable, but as we experienced on our opening match, Plantation Preserve was very generous to us in issuing rain checks. 

Cancellation Policy:
After Monday 12:00pm noon and no shows: No refunds or credits will be issued for late cacellations and for no shows. However, the Committee may use its discretion to issue a refund if warranted and if possible.

Please add the league phone number to your contact list and use it to call or text regarding late changes. 
This number and email address will notify all captains at once.

(954) 998-4005